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Benefits of Using Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Benefits of Using Ayurvedic Hair Oil

It goes without saying that a plethora of choices is available when it comes to choosing hair oil. You need to select the one in accordance with the type of hair and conditions of the body. As per the ayurvedic system of medicine, you will fall under vata hair type in case your hair is frizzy, dry, thin. Individuals with Kapha hair possess oily and thick hair. 

Types of hair oil in accordance with the type of dosha 

Almond along with sesame oil is considered to be good for people having vata type of hair. The oils provide the right nourishment to the scalp and eliminate the stiffness in the scalp. For people having pitta hair, coconut oil happens to be a perfect choice. Coconut is recognized to pacify pitta. Thus, they help to retard the hair problems which are related to the aggravation of pitta dosha. 

If you have Kapha hair, olive oil or sesame oil are an ideal choices for you. Olive oil possesses purifying properties that assist in keeping the pores open. 

Importance of hair oil 

Apart from using the right hair care products, it is a prerequisite to massage or apply oil on hair at the evening time. As you divide the day into different parts, Vata dosha dominates evening time. If a person applies sesame oil in evening, it will cool down the Vata dosha. You can apply coconut oil during the morning as they tend to enhance Vata or Kapha on the application at night. 

For improving the quality of hair and promoting the growth of hair, it is essential to apply oil at night time and taking bath with lukewarm water on the next morning. Application of oil on hair also helps in the prevention of split hair as well as early graying of hair. It is not recommended to apply hair oil on the very day post bathing as the hair may allure grime as well as dust as you go out in sun. For effective hair growth, it is recommended to apply oil on hair roots, scalp as well as the length of hair.