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Top Benefits Of Tulsi Ras

Top Benefits Of Tulsi Ras

Tulsi is considered to be one of the most popular Ayurvedic herbs found in India in the present days. The juice of this plant has extensive medicinal properties owing to which it is recommended to use the juice of this herb on an extensive scale. Here are the top benefits of this juice or tulsi ras


The juice of this plant is effective in curing different types of fever. After boiling with water, leaves of this plant can be used as a preventive against dengue and malaria fever. If you have an acute fever, you can make use of these leaves after boiling with cardamom powder in half liter water. It is recognized to be a good germicidal agent that renders protection to the body from different kind of viral infections. 

Cough as well as respiratory problems 

Consuming the juice of this plant helps in curing cough as well as flu. It assists in mobilizing mucous in asthma attacks and bronchitis. After decorating the same with ginger and honey, it is counted to be an effective remedy for influenza, bronchitis, cold and asthma. It also relieves influenza. 

Healing properties 

The juice of this plant possesses antiseptic properties. Thus, this plant is used widely in the treatment of wounds, cut and ulcer. They reduce pain which is caused by small pox, chicken pox, and measles. After mixing with coconut oil, juice of this plant confers relief from wounds. In taking this juice also confers relief from pain. 

Treatment of a sore throat

The juice of this plant is highly effective in the treatment of a sore throat. 

Kidney stones 

The juice of this plant has a strengthening influence on the kidneys. After mixing with honey, juice of these leaves help in the removal of stones via a urinary duct. It is a detoxifying agent that reduce the uric acid level, which is considered to be the primary cause of kidney stones. 

Cardiovascular treatment

 The juice of this plant is effective to combat cardiovascular diseases and the weakness caused due to it. It is beneficial in the reduction of cholesterol level in blood. It comprises of vitamin C as well as other antioxidants which render protection to the heart from negative effects of free radicals. Thus, the juice of these leaves is beneficial for patients having cardiovascular issues. The juice of this plant reduces blood pressure at the same time. 

Children’s Ailments 

Children can procure more benefits by the consumption of tulsi ras. It helps in treating problems such as vomiting, cold diarrhea, cough. It helps in keeping chicken pox at bay. If consumed on a regular basis, it assists in growing teeth at ease without any troubles. It also confers relief to children from a sore throat and cough. It is also beneficial in getting rid of worms in the stomach. 


It is considered to be one of the ayurvedic herbs which help in controlling blood sugar level in an individual.

Stomach Problems 

Tulsi ras has gained high popularity in the treatment of stomach problems such as flatulence, constipation, and acidity. It supports the digestive system of the body and makes you feel more comfortable and less bloated.